Founded to revolutionise the jewellery industry, VIRAGE London has rapidly become the leader in premium jewellery for the 21st century individual. Driven by design and quality, we create jewellery truly unique to the market that aims to elevate your individual style and make your individual statement.

Our Vision

Dedicated to innovation, craftsmanship and the utilisation of premium quality materials, our vision is to create aspirational yet accessible accessories, unrivalled in design and unmatched on price point.

The Problem, Our Solution 

Ever purchased that affordable item of jewellery that very quickly fell apart, faded or turned green? Or looked at the eye watering cost of supposedly high-quality jewellery which also didn’t last 5 minutes? We feel your frustration and this is the exact reason why we founded VIRAGE London.

The VIRAGE London difference

By adopting a direct to consumer approach, we bypass the traditional distributors, retailers and resellers and focus on building relationships directly with the best jewellery manufacturers from around the world. Designing each and every detail of our jewellery in-house and working directly with our own manufacturers, we are able to offer you, exceptionally high-quality accessories, unrivalled in design, at price points that cannot be matched. Quality is the basis upon which we are defined and each and every single design is truly built to last.

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